Saturday, July 6, 2013

Djaweb DB120-WL Default Wireless Passphrase

It's really weird with 'Algerie Telecom' company, they supply their clients with a new wireless modem called SITEL model DB120-WL, the problem with this modem is the wireless passphrase by default is the MAC address, and the biggest problem is that most of people won't change the passphrase and some don't even know how to change it.

For who does not know what MAC address means, MAC(Hardware address) is short for Media Access Control, it's 48-bits(in our case) address associated with a network adapter and it's looks like 94:D7:23:67:89:FF, the first three 8bits(24bits) are OUI (Organizational Unique Identifier) it shows the company that manufactured the device which is in our case Shanghai DareGlobal Technologies Co., Ltd. Yes that the manufacture for our DJAWEB SITEL wireless modem, and this manufacture has many OUI, so far i found only two OUI(in my location), the first one 94:D7:23, and the second one is 80:A1:D7. And the last three 8bits(24bits) are specific to the device as sort of serial number.

So, what's wrong with the MAC address? can someone get your MAC address? absolutely and it doesn't require skills, for example, i have on my iphone a tweak that shows AP with their MAC address, and this is a picture of it:

What we have to do(passphrase of those modems are in capital letter) is we get the MAC address and then we remove colons from it, for example:

94:D7:23:1C:6B:1C passphrase: 94D7231C6B1C

And those modems SSIDs are begins with DJAWEB_ and the last 4 characters are the last 16bits of MAC address which are in our example 6B1C, the full SSID is DJAWEB_6B1C. Those are some SSIDs with their passphrase: 

DJAWEB_6B1C 94:D7:23:1C:6B:1C Passphrase: 94D7231C6B1C
DJAWEB_4F9C 94:D7:23:1C:4F:9C Passphrase: 94D7231C4F9C
DJAWEB_D9FC 94:D7:23:1C:D9:FC Passphrase: 94D7231CD9FC
DJAWEB_8E90 94:D7:23:1C:8E:90 Passphrase: 94D7231C8E90
DJAWEB_A90C 80:A1:D7:D8:A9:0C Passphrase: 80A1D7D8A90C
DJAWEB_44F8 80:A1:D7:D8:44:F8 Passphrase: 80A1D7D844F8
DJAWEB_81B8 80:A1:D7:D8:81:B8 Passphrase: 80A1D7D881B8
DJAWEB_B248 80:A1:D7:D8:B2:48 Passphrase: 80A1D7D8B248
DJAWEB_7158 80:A1:D7:E2:71:58 Passphrase: 80A1D7E27158
DJAWEB_5CC8 80:A1:D7:E2:5C:C8 Passphrase: 80A1D7E25CC8

Got it? the MAC address is divided into 3 parts, the first(red) part is the vendor id which is as we said before "Shanghai DareGlobal Technologies" for both 94:D7:23 and 80:A1:D7,  you may need to remember this if you don't want to use tools to get the MAC address. as you can see that we can get that last 16bits of the MAC address from the SSID(blue parts) so you only need to guess the second part(green) which is 255 odds (from 00 to FF), you can try them all if you have time :) SALAM


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